K.C.S. Paniker

1911 Born on 31st May in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 1917-30 Formal education in Kerala State and Tamil Nadu.1936-40 Art education at the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. 1944 Establishment of the Progressive Painters’ Association, Chennai. 1954 One of the Nine Eminent Artists and Member of Executive Board of the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi; travels in Europe; one man exhibitions of paintings at the India House, London, and Paris. 1957 Appointed Principal, Government School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. 1959 Extensive travel in USSR and talks on Indian art in Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev. 1961 VIth Biennale de Sao Paolo. 1962 Participation in the Indian Art exhibition in Mexico; upgrading of the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai to Government college of Arts and Crafts. 1963 Member, Indian Delegation, World Art Congress, New York; travel to USA and discussions with American artists as a guest of the State Dept, USA. 1964-67 Tokyo Biennale, Festival Hall Exhibition, London and the Venice Biennale;National Award for painting; retirement in 1967 from the principalship of the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai; the establishment of Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai in 1966.1977 Passes away in Chennai.

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K. M. Vasudevan Namboothiri, better known as Artist Namboodiri (born 1925) is a well-known Indian painter and sculptor. He is the winner of the Raja Ravi Varma Award for the year 2003. He is famous for his own style of line sketches.
Artist Namboodiri was born at Karuvattu Mana of Ponnani, Kerala. He was a disciple of renowned artist K. C. S. Paniker.He studied painting in the Madras School of Fine Arts.
Artist Namboodiri has illustrated many popular characters for literary publications in Kerala. He has worked for Mathrubhumi, a leading Malayalam publication. He later on joined Kalakaumudi weekly and then Samakalika Malayalam weekly.
He has been the chairman of the Kerala Lalitakala Academy for more than one term.  During one such tenure, he took upon himself the task of setting up an own building for the centre in Thrissur, which till then was working from rented space. He was also the key figure behind the conversion of the Durbar Hall in Kochi into an art gallery.

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M. V. Devan (1928 - 2014)

1928 Born in Kerala.1953 Diploma in Fine Arts, Government School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai.
1963-68 Secretary, Madras State Lalit Kala Academy.
1968 On the judges' panel for the National exhibition.
1968-72 Art Consultant for FEDO (FACT).
1969 Honorary Director, Kerala Institute of Arts; Designed Ambalamedu Township; Served as Chairman, Kerala Lalit Kala Academy; Participated in the All India exhibitions at Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai. Collections in Dr. Sommerville collections UK, Asian Foundation, USA, FACT, Kerala and the Madras Christian College; has executed murals for various hotels in Kerala; Also designed many houses in Kerala and Chennai.
1994 Director of Kala Gramam, the artists' village in Mahe, Kerala.
2002 Awarded the Ravivarma Puraskar by the Government of Kerala.

2003 Conferred the Mathrubhumi award; Travelled in Europe extensively.
He was the founder member of Kalapeedom in Kochi. Artist M.V. Devan was also a good designer of low cost houses, and designed many buildings

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A.S. Nair

Athippatta Sivaraman Nair, better known as A. S. Nair or simply A. S., was a painter, illustrator and 
cartoonist from Kerala, India. He was born in Karalmanna village of Palakkad district and had his training from 
Madras School of Arts under Artist K.C.S. Panikkar.
He began his career in Jayakerala and Mathrubhumi, where he worked till his last. Most of Nair's works were 
original illustrations for novels and short stories, most of them published in Mathrubhumi weekly. 
Illustrations for the Malayalam translation of V. S. Khandekar's Marathi novel Yayati was one of his most noted 
works. He was known to be the master of illustration in Kerala and has 115 original works, including 
illustrations and a few paintings to his credit. He died on 30 June 1988.

Book on A.S. Nair:
Chithrangal AS - a book on Artist A.S.Nair (2001), ASBook published by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi (2003) both edited by Artist J.R. Prasad.

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T. K. Padmini (May 12, 1940 – May 11, 1969) 

Born in Kadancheri, a small village off Ponani, a coastal town of Kerala, Padmini was a strong feminine presence in the history of painting in Kerala. She had her education at A. V. High School, Ponani. She had a brief course of training from K. L. Devassi, the arts teacher of A. V. High School, and Artist Namboodiri, the well known painter, sculptor and illustrator before joining the College of Fine Arts and Crafts at Chennai in 1961 under the guidance of Principal K. C. S. Paniker. In May 1968, she married her co-student and well-known painter K. Damodaran.Padmini won several awards for her work, including the Madras State Lalit Kala Academy 1963 Highly Commended certificate for the painting ‘Growth’, Madras State Lalit Kala Academy 1967 Award for ‘Dreamland’, Madras State Lalit Kala Academy 1967 Award for ‘Dawn’, A.Y.P.S. 1965 Award for ‘Women’. Padmini died in childbirth due to complications in delivery.
Her paintings are displayed at the Durbar Hall Gallery of Kerala Lalithakala Akademi in Kochi and a few drawings have been kept in the archives of the Akademi in Thrissur. Padmini’s paintings are also displayed in the collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Madras (‘Portrait’ and ‘Burial Ground’), Salar Jung 
Museum, Hyderabad apart from private collections in India and abroad. A few paintings and drawings.

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C. N. Karunakaran (1940 – 14 December 2013)

He was born in 1940 in Brahmakulam in Thrissur District of Kerala. Karunakaran received degrees in design and painting from the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Madras while studying under the tutelage of the renowned artists D.P. Roy Choudhari and K.C.S. Paniker.He died in Kochi on 14 December 2013 following a period of brief illness. After completing his studies, Karunakaran worked as art director and made ad films in Chennai. He returned to Kerala in 1970, to take charge of Kalapeetom (Kerala Institute of Arts) in Kochi. Karunakaran foundedd "Chitrakoodam", which was the first private art gallery in Kerala (1973 to 1977). He has worked as art director for Malayalam movies such as Aswathamavu, Ore Thooval Pakshikal, Akkare, Purushartham and Alicinte Anveshanam. Karunakaran's illustrations have appeared in Manorama Weekly, Kalakaumudi, Kerala Kaumudi Weekly, Malayalanadu, Chintha, Deshabhimani Weekly, Kumkumam, Mathrubhumi Weekly, Bhashaposhini and India Today.
An exhibition of his works was conducted at the Embassy of India in Washington on 5 September 2003. Following this start to his American tour, his works were displayed at the Aditi Indian Restaurant, also in Washington, D.C. Later these works were viewed at the Asian Art Gallery, Virginia.

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K. Damodaran

Born in 1934 in Tellichery, Kerala, K. Damodaran is a painter and graphic artist. Has taken a diploma in fine arts from Madras College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai in 1966 under Artist K.C.S. Panikkar. Received the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Award, Tamil Nadu Award in 1975, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Delhi Award in 1982, National Academy of Art, New Delhi in 1988 including National Fellowship by the Govt. of India. Held more than nineteen solo exhibitions in major cities especially in Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai. Participated in numerous national. international and state exhibitions including Expo70, Tokyo, International Biennale Graphic Art Liubblijana (Yugoslavia) in 1983, Contemporary Indian Painting - Algeria 1984, Indian Contemporary Art Show - Mexico and Cuba in 1985 and festival of India USA 1985 - 86. His works are displayed in State Academies and institutional and private collections in India and abroad. Presently working as freelance artist based in Delhi.
Had married Artist T.K. Padmini, well known artist and his co-student. T.K. Padmini died in 1969  at a very young age.

Muthu Koya 

Completed Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) from, Govt. College of Arts and Crafts, Madras. Served in
Government in various capacities—as teacher, graphic designer and art administrator. Voluntarily retired from service as
the Chief Exhibition Officer, DA VP, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India (1998). Participated in national and international art exhibitions like Trienalle India-80. Works have been reviewed in prominent art journals like Vie Des Arts,
Montreal, Canada. Invitee artist in Tokyo Biennale 1981 and in The Indian Artists Show in Paris (1982). First surrealist entry in the National Exhibition of Art held by National Lalit Kala Academy (1965). Ex-member, General Council, National Lalit Kala Academy, representing Lakshadweep for nearly 15 years till 1995. 
Participant in several national art camps.

Akkitham Narayanan

Born in Kerala in the year 1939. 1961 Diploma in painting, Government School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai; National exhibition of the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. 1962-64 Government of India Scholarship for painting. 1965 One man show, Max Muller Bhavan, Goethe Institute, Chennai. 1966 One man show, Triveni Gallery, New Delhi. 1967-70 Under French Government Scholarship, studied monumental art under Jean Bertholle; Studied engraving under Lucien Couteau; International Festival of painting, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France. (Also in `70 and `72). 1971 Award at the 4th International Festival of painting, Cagnes-sur-Mer,France. 1972 Award at the All India Print exhibition, New Delhi. 1973 One man show at Steintor Verlag Gallery, Germany, International Print exhibition, Manila, Philippines, Noverbre a ‘Vitry, Vitry-sur-seine’, France. 1974 One man show, Heinemann Gallery, Bonn, Germany. 1975 IIIrd Triennale – India, New Delhi. 1976 One man show Le Haut Pave Gallery, Paris. 1977 IIIrd Graphic Biennale, Vienna, Austria; Salon de Mai, Paris. 1978 Retrospective at the Haut Pave Gallery, Paris; one man show at Miyawaki Gallery, Kyoto, Japan; One man show at Seibu Gallery, Kyoto, Japan. 1988 One man show, Pundole Gallery, Mumbai. 1990 One man show, Chitrakoot Gallery, Kolkata and Sarala Art Centre, Chennai. 1991 One man show, M&R, Kolbein, Garbsen, Germany. 1995 One man show, Chateau de Talcy, France.

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K.V. Haridasan

1937 Born in Cannanore, Kerala. 1958 Graduate, Madras University, Chennai. 1960-66 Diploma in Painting, School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai.1964 Award of Tamil Nadu academy; Participant, National Exhibition Of Art (1964-77).1968-71 Exhibition of YANTRA series of paintings in British council, Chennai and Kumar Gallery, New Delhi.1974 Visited Russia, Germany and France on cultural exchange.(also `83,`88).1975 Award and Gold Medal, Kerala Academy; Participant, International Triennale, New Delhi. (also in `78).1976 Exhibition of ‘Brahmasutra’ series of paintings, New Delhi. (also in `78, `81, `92, `94 and `97).1979-85 Editor, Artrends magazine. 1980-92 College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, Kerala, Professor and later Principal.

1981 Jury, National exhibition of Art, New Delhi. (also in `92).1983 Participant, Neo-Tantra exhibition, West Germany, by National Gallery, New Delhi.1985 Neo-Tantra exhibition as part of India Festival UCLA, USA.1989-94 Member, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, its publication committee and of Regional Centre, Chennai and Executive Member; Kerala Academy.

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J. R. Prasad

Born on 7th May 1947. Studied in Attingal Boys' High School, Thiruvananthapuram Arts College, Varkala S.N. College. Married K. Vasanthakumari and has two children Indulekha and Rohin Prasad.
He has joined Mathrubhumi as an artist, and retired as Chief Artist in 2008.Was two time Executive Membr of Kerala Lalithakala Akademi (1991 and 2001) and two time General Council Member, Kerala Sahitya Akademi. He was a member of the State Film Award (1996) and president of the ALA Film Society. He has edited magazines like Rashtrasilpi and Chithravartha, a monthly publication of Lalithakala Akademi (1991 to 1994 and 2001 to 2004). Presently he is the editor of Kalapoornna, a malayalam monthly on art and liteature.
He has to his credit four books (editor of Chithrangal AS - a book on Artist A.S.Nair (2001), ASBook published by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi (2003), Book on film critic Kozhikodan (2010), History of ilolustrations in Kerala (2011), and a book in Malayalam on Editor M.T. Vasudevan Nair.
He has won G. Sankarakurup Painting Award in 1965, All India Kumaranasan Painting Exhibition Award in 1973 and Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Award in 1974 and Prem Nazir Film Art Direction Award in 1989 for 'Paadamudra'. Participated in many painting exhibitions.

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T. Kaladharan

Born in Eranakulam. Joined Kerala Institute of Arts, Cochin in 1972.Studied drawing and painting under Sri.M.V. Devan.

Exhibitions:1978 - Show of drawings/ 1980, 1989 - Show of Paintings, Sponsored byLalithakala Akademi - Kerala/ 1983-"Orthic Orthike" /1984 - "Mazha Peyyunu Manju Pozhiyunnu"/ 1985- Tribute to N.S. Khalam/ 1986- orthic(Painting theatre)/ 'Nerinum, Nerikkum Nerikedinum' (56 feet drawing)/ 1987-"Post, Poster, Poetry"/ 1988-"Orthic Poetry, Orthic Portrait"/ 1990 - O.B.C. - '90/1991 - Mariyayk/1992 - Mereente/ Moleede/ Orthicpaintings-(The Heritage- Madras)/ Aneede/ Alicinte/ 1992 - Amminiyke/ 1993- Deviku - Goa/ 1996- Orthic Paintings, KPL, Kottayam/1997- I Miss You/1998- Out of sight, Out ofmind/2000 - Soothrotta/ 2001- OrthicilThenkasipattanam/ 2002- Making my abode- Chennai, Trivandrum, Kollam/2003New Delhi/ 2004 Hydrabad/ 2005Kottayam/ 2005 waiting for theroof(World Mayor's Conference).

Certificates and Awards: 1975, 1995- Highly Commented Certiicate- Kerala LalithakalaAkademi/1983, 90- State Award, Kerala Lalithakala Akademi/ 1991-92 Rotary Club of Cochin- Vocational ServiceAward/1991 Cochin Junior Chamber Outstanding Young Person Awrad/1993'Jewel of Kochi'- RotaryAward/1999- Kaladarpanam Puraskaram/ 2005- State Award- Kerala Lalithakala Akademi.

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P.V. Krishnan

Born in 1943 at Aroli, Kannur Dist., Secondary Education: Govt.High School, Kalliaseri,|
Art Education under Artist K.K. Achari, Worked as Art Master, Govt. Teachers Training School Maipady, Kasargod from 1963 to 1972, As Art Master in Govt. Higher Secodary School, Kasargod from 1972 to 1976, As Designer with Directorate of Public Relations, Govt. of Kerala from 1976 to 1977. Undergone training in printing, magazine design, layout and graphics at Indian Institute of Mass Communications, New Delhi. Interior art designing of Kerala Pavillion at India International Trade Fair, Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi from 1980 - 1997. Designed District Information Centers, Kerala State.
Freelance photography - published as front cover pages of severalpopular periodicals such as Mathrubhui, Kalakaumudi, Kumkumam, Deshabhimani,Janayugam, etc.
Design and Photography for District Tourism Promition Councils (dtpc) - Tourist Folders.
Designed hundreds of covers and jackets for books, eg. Cultural Publication, National Book Trust, National Book Stall, Publications Division and private publishers.

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E. Sudhakaran

1996 - Solo show at Kerala Lalit Kala Acadamy, Calicut, 1997 - Nilamboor Balan Commemoration at KLKA, Calicut. 2000 - At Kashi Art Café, Fort Cochin. 2001 - At Kerala Lalit kala Acadamy, Calicut, 2002 - A solo exhibition in connection with Sri N.P. Muhammed’s Silver Jubilee of his writings. 2002 - ‘Malee and Silence’ at KLKA Darbar Hall, Cochin, 2003 - At Kerala Lalit Kala Acadamy, Calicut, 2004 - At Kalpatta, wyanad, 2005 - An exhibition of paintings & artifacts at KLKA, calicut, 2006 - ‘Soccerart’ at KLKA, Malappuram, 2006 - At Vyapara Bhavan Hall, Chengaramkulam, 2007 - ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ at KLKA, Trivandram, 2010 - ‘Reality Extra Terestriale’ at Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi
• Show at Town Hall, Calicut during emergency period, • Commemoration of Sri Uroob at Calicut (1996), Sri Edassery & Smt. T.K. Padmini at Ponnani (1998), Sri A. Soman at Calicut (2001), • Hundred meters millennium canvas (1999), • Lalit Kala Academy state exhibitions (1999 to 2005)
More than 40 camps including state & national painters’ camp

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Edmund Thomas Clint (1976–1983) 

He is a child prodigy. He is known for having drawn over 25,000 paintings during his life.Clint was the lone son of MT Joseph and Chinnamma Joseph. He loved painting Hindu festivals and traditional events near his home in Kochi, Kerala. When he died of kidney failure in 1983, he was just six years and 11 months old, yet left behind some 25,000 artworks. Normally it would take years of analytical study and training to draw such paintings. His work has been displayed in exhibitions in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in 1995 and 2007. At the age of 5, he secured first place in a competition held for painters below the age 18.

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